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Online Casino Banking Guide


Paying your casino deposits and withdrawing the money that you happily won from the casino cannot be easier nowadays. Most decent casinos on the market - or at least those carefully selected ones that works with - have done a very decent job of providing their players with a wide choice of safe and convenient payment methods. Let’s have a look at what your options normally are and which pros and cons each popular method might have.


Credit card casino payments – Visa, Master Card, Maestro


Visa card payments


This is the most widely used method that every casino always offers to players all over the world. One of the advantages here is that practically all of us have at least one credit card that we can use without any extra effort of, let’s say, opening an extra e-wallet account. Just save your credit card details on your casino account once and after that only type in the short CVV card code, which most people remember by heart.


However, there are a few insignificant drawbacks to this method. First of all, many casinos put an extra charge of 2,5% on credit or debit card payments. The second disadvantage is that some people don’t feel comfortable sharing their credit card details with a casino, even though, if you choose a decent, trustworthy provider, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.


And lastly, for some people, it’s harder to control their casino spending with the credit card that might have all their money linked to it, so one should always be careful and get their spending habits in check.


Casino Bank Transfers


Bank transfers might not be as commonly used, but a lot of players still resort to this method, especially when withdrawing funds. If you make a deposit with an e-wallet, in some casinos you won’t be able to make a withdrawal back to it, and have to choose an option of the traditional wire bank transfer instead. While being extremely safe and secure, bank transfers are slow and can take up to 5 working days. Most players just don’t have the patience for it. You also have to be very careful when giving your bank account details to a casino and make sure they are 100% correct so your transfer goes through without any issues.


PayPal casino

PayPal casino payments


Not all casinos use PayPal as an option, but when they do, it’s a sure sign that the casino is 100% safe, trustworthy and well-established, since it’s not an easy procedure for a casino to provide the PayPal method to players. The pros of using it are obvious – it’s the most known and respected payment provider with millions of happy customers; your money and transactions are protected in this case not only by the casino itself, but with the PayPal customer protection guarantee on top of it. In addition to that PayPal is so widely used, that when you, for example, withdraw your winnings to a PayPal account, you don’t even need to transfer them to the card, you can just opt to spend it from your PayPal account directly.


Skrill casino and Neteller casino


Skrill casino payments


These two e-wallets are well-known and very respected in the UK and Europe, so a lot of people go for this option, especially if they already have an account with either one of these providers. The transactions are immediate and free of charge, which is a huge plus. However many casinos have terms and conditions for their welcome offers and regular promotions, where Neteller and Skrill payments often do not qualify for the promo. We recommend always checking the small print of the casino special offer’s terms and conditions.