Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games nowadays. It is a game of luck, in which every player has a similar chance of winning, regardless of skills. Part of online roulette’s appeal is that it is a very easy game to understand and play and requires no certain strategies. Also the house edge is pretty low.

European Roulette

Roulette can be played in either American or European ways. The only difference between these two versions of roulette is that the American roulette table has two zeros, whereas the European version has only one zero. Because both variations are commons, there is really no reason to play the American roulette which has considerably lower payout because of the additional zero. If you want to maximize your winnings in the long run, always play the European roulette.

Can You Beat Internet Roulette Games?

Roulette has a long history as a casino game and during the years it has got its fair share of interesting winning theories. Every now and then someone gets an idea of a “perfect system”. The reality however is that if there would be a perfect system to beat the casino, it would have made the casinos bankrupt a long time ago. Roulette online is a game of luck and that is all that matters. You need good luck to beat the game, but it is still worth reading about the different systems and rules of online roulette that help you to familiarize with the game and make playing more fun.

Remember to Use a Bonus When Playing Online Roulette

Most online casinos give their new players a sign up bonus, and actually all the casinos listed in Online Casino Findr do have these sign up bonuses. It is wise to take advantage of these bonuses and best roulette offers when you sign up to make your gaming experience even more rewarding. You will earn bonus money on every spin you make, therefore making the house advantage much smaller and increasing your chance of winning.

Real Money Online Roulette

The online casinos we list on this website offer free games and real money online roulette, which means that you can easily practice the game first without spending any money, but you can always try your luck for real money as well by making a deposit. Personally I don’t think that playing in a casino for free money is really rewarding, but it’s a good way of trying the games out first. The real excitement only begins though when you play for real money when there is a risk of losing money, and more importantly – winning a huge sum. The good thing is that you can always use just a few dimes to get the excitement. Even a few cents can give the feeling of playing online roulette with real money.

Online Roulette Checklist for New Players

Online roulette is one of the easiest games there is, so you might as well just download the software, deposit some money and start playing, but there are a few tips that a new player might find useful. - Get yourself familiar with the rules and a good strategy - Decide the variation to play (European version has better payout percentage) - Choose a reliable and safe casino from our top lists - Make sure you understand the bonus terms and conditions - Have fun! Following these simple guidelines can make your online casino experience much more rewarding and entertaining, not to forget the fact that your chances of winning will be considerably higher. Good luck at the tables!