Online Slots

One of the most popular game types amongst online casino players are slots. They usually account for the majority of online casino games. Sometimes the choice can be overwhelming, but Online Casino Findr can help you to understand the basics of slots and find the best slots casino.

History of Online Slot Machines

It is believed that the first slot game ever was built by Liberty Bell in 1887 in the USA. It became a very popular game in a short period of time and by the turn of the 20th century there were slot machines basically everywhere – especially in American bars. Technology improvements resulted in the first electronic slot machine in 1963 and the first video slot machine in 1996. During the last decade the explosion of online gaming has brought online video slots into millions of homes around the world.

How to Find the Best Online Slots Casino

There are so many different online slots and online casinos that the choice can easily be overwhelming. Some of the casinos have been online for a long while and are known to be reliable and honest, but there are also some casinos that you should avoid. Choose one of the top lists that we have created or read other players’ reviews to find out which casinos can give you the best slot experience. All casinos offer a wide array of different game types and bonuses and you can compare them easily by going through the reviews.

Online Slot Rules and Strategy

Usually online slots are really simple to play, but sometimes there are variations that take a little bit learning before you understand them fully. The three main types of slot games to choose between are multiplier, multi-line and progressive slot games. After you have grasped the basic rules, you can start to think about online slots strategy, which can improve your chances at winning.

Different Types of Video Slots

The game variety online is pretty huge. You can find everything from classic one-arm bandits that resemble the first slot games ever invented to advanced video-slots that more look like video games than typical retro slots. It is up to you and your taste what slots games you choose. Some people like their slot games to be very straightforward and simple to play, whereas other players are looking for online slots with elaborate rules, lots of pay lines, bonus rounds and sometimes even a story-based video slot that has different stages. The good thing is that most online casinos sort their games to make finding the preferred online video slot very easy.

Real Money Online Slots

All the casinos you can find listed on Online Casino Findr offer real money online slots, which means that you are always able to play free money games as well as make a real-money deposit and play online slots with the chance of actually winning a huge jackpot. One thing to remember though, when playing with real money, is that you should always be careful not to forget that you are playing with real cash. Sometimes it is easy to forget that when you play online because all you see are numbers on screen. Real money online slots make the game a lot more interesting though – playing free games gets usually boring in no time because you have no chance of winning. That being said, it doesn’t often take more than a few dimes to get you excited, which is what online gaming is all about.


Online slots are definitely the most popular online casino games. Choose the right casino from our top list, learn more about the rules and strategy if you wish and you’ll be enjoying the excitement of the world’s best online slots and other casino games in no time.